Why Him

James Franco is maybe a little too good at playing tattooed weirdos. His Alien was one of the best parts of Spring Breakers and it seems like he's tapped into some of that magic for the new comedy Why Him? In it he plays an eccentric, tattooed Internet zillionaire who begins dating the straitlaced daughter (Zoey Deutch) of a grumpy, traditional father played by Bryan Cranston.

Cranston immediately bristles at the idea of his daughter dating such a guy, so you can imagine that the idea of Franco marrying his daughter is unacceptable. What follows looks like a pretty standard culture-clash comedy about an old fuddy-duddy too stuck in his own ways to accept different people. 

Unless you watch the red-band trailer, that is. Then it becomes a rather vulgar, crass comedy pretty quickly. Either way, it looks like we've got another classic weirdo performance from James Franco in our near future.

And the NSFW red-band trailer:

Why Him? hits theaters on December 25, 2016.