Conjuring 2 cross scene

It's fun being scared at the movies. It's also fun watching other people scared in real life, if the popularity of prank shows is any indication. With each new horror movie, there seems to be some viral stunt related to it where we get to see some poor soul(s) frightened by fake hauntings and other seemingly terrifying situations. The latest, introduced by director James Wan for a Brazilian show, is tied to the release of The Conjuring 2. A scene from the movie is redone for the sake of hidden-camera hijinks.

Watch below. [via Bloody Disgusting]

Presumably those involved with the above shenanigans vetted their marks enough to know they had no heart trouble, because that prank goes into overload with its horrors and could very well have killed someone in poor health or resulted in some other awful outcome if the participants weren't also of sound mind.

Some of these kinds of pranks can be downright horrifying. It's surprising that none of the people scared in the below Child's Play prank, also for Brazilian TV, didn't accidentally run out into traffic, or worse.

Much more tame is this prank tied to The Last Exorcism 2, which only seems to slightly scare the clientele at a hair salon:

Then there's the below prank for the Carrie remake, which involves telekinesis, which is scary but not terrifying. Most people actually appear to be kind of thrilled and amused by the idea that the woman might have superpowers.