We're just about at the midway point of the summer movie season, and the latter half looks even stronger than the first. A final action-packed trailer just dropped for one of summer's biggest sequels, Star Trek Beyond, teasing the third outing for this new rebooted Enterprise crew in which they lose their trusty Enterprise altogether.

Check it out.


The final Beyond trailer features a good deal of footage we've seen previously with some new stuff too, setting up a story that finds the Enterprise crew stranded in unfamiliar territory after a sudden attack on their prized ship leaves it destroyed. 

The film also looks to be quite the test for the ship's captain, Kirk (Chris Pine), who speaks about always trying to be his dad, but never knowing what it's like to be him. So there will be some heavy soul searching going on in Star Trek Beyond, and there will also be a new Rihanna song, "Sledgehammer," which is the song you hear throughout — and one that kind of speaks to what the crew is going through after their ship (and team) is literally shattered.

This is also the first new Beyond preview that we've seen since the tragic passing of star Anton Yelchin, whose Chekov has always been one of the more comfortable aspects of these newer Trek movies. He's friendly, positive, smart and funny, and while we don't see much of Chekov in this trailer (no word on whether the film was altered at all after his passing), it'll be great to see him in the role again when the film arrives in theaters this July.

Star Trek Beyond hits theaters on July 22.