Note: The following will include spoilers on the ending of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Although Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice hasn't been in theaters for more than a few days, Warner Bros. is already hard at work teasing the home video release of the film (due out this July), which will include a special R-rated extended version that will push its current two-and-a-half-hour runtime to over three hours. 

Among those extended (or deleted) scenes will be this one below, which appears to take place shortly before Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg) is apprehended by authorities towards the end of the movie.

Check it out.

In the scene, titled "Communion," Luthor is seen hanging in a pool of Kryptonian goo while onboard the alien vessel he hijacks to help create Doomsday. But the more fascinating aspect of this moment is that he seems to be communicating with a being holding three boxes — most likely Mother Boxes — which in the comics are living computers that are associated with one of the most popular Superman villains, Darkseid. 

Is this being Darkseid? We're not sure, but we bet Justice League will answer that question! 

The scene itself is a little odd and feels out of place, so we can see why it wasn't included — but it does shed a little more light on why Luthor looks so completely crazed at the end of the film. Perhaps it's because he's been sharing critical and intimate information with these beings? After all, that's the very definition of "communion." 

What do you think about this scene and how it fits into the larger DC cinematic universe?