When The Nice Guys arrives in theaters this week, audiences will be treated to what will most certainly go down as the greatest Ryan Gosling-on-a-toilet gag that will ever exist in Gosling's filmography. It's a quick throwaway joke — meant to stir the pot between two deranged detectives (Russell Crowe and Gosling) who do not like each other at first — but the way Gosling reacts while seated in a bathroom stall is priceless, and you will not stop laughing.

But that's not why Gosling got Nice Guys director Shane Black a toilet seat for his birthday. As told by Black in Fandango's Things to Know Before Watching the Nice Guys, the whole hilariously crappy (pun intended) situation played out inside Gosling's trailer on set.

Watch Black tell the story below, at around the 1:55 mark.

"One day while shooting I had some bad chili at lunch," Black begins. "And I stumbled back to my trailer and I'm in that little cubicle and I'm hearing Ryan Gosling… but what I don't know is that I'm in Ryan's trailer. So I'm basically taking a dump in Ryan's trailer, because it looks just like mine. So he opens the door and I was, like, 'Oh, hello.' So that was kind of embarrassing. So for my birthday two weeks later he got me a big toilet seat, which I wore around my neck while we filmed."

Sometimes all you need is a little toilet humor to enhance a film, right? And if you ever accidentally wind up going number two in Ryan Gosling's trailer, expect a toilet seat for your birthday.

Now there's something to know before you go… literally!