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Review: Wings Of The Wild by Delta Goodrem

By / Published on Wednesday, 28 Sep 2016 16:42 PM / No Comments / 76 views

Delta Goodrem unleashes her inner beast in Wings Of The Wild. From the looks of the album artwork alone, which sees the statuesque Goodrem sprinting alongside a tiger, you know the 31-year-old Australian singer plays with the animal allegories quite a bit in her fifth studio album.

It opens with Feline, where she sings about finally feeling uncaged and ready to run free like the striped animal; before launching into Wings, sporting a similar message of soaring to greater heights, uninhibited.

Goodrem is decidedly inspirational when using these metaphors, drawing on them to fight through life’s battles.

Musically, the album captures this sense of all things wild and unhinged with big, thumping beats, yet keeps it largely pop and radio-friendly.

Among these adrenaline-pumping tracks, it is only on Enough where it feels anthemic. Backed by a choir and featuring rapper Gizzle, the uplifting track, which talks about never feeling quite good enough, gives off an atmosphere so pumped-up, it sends chills down your spine towards the end.

Her softer moments are beautiful too. Goodrem admits being puzzled by life’s complexities in ballads Heavy and Only Human. The animal metaphors can get cheesy at times but here, she comes off heartfelt and honest.

The singer always had a way with singing inspirational tunes since her debut single Born To Try, and more than a decade later, it’s great to see her still at it with Wings Of The Wild.

Delta Goodrem

Wings Of The Wild

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The Australian singer shows off powerful vocals on her new album.

Tapping into her wild side

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