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'Pretty Little Liars' 7.06 Preview Teases Answer to the Unexpected Proposal

By / Published on Wednesday, 20 Jul 2016 12:25 PM / No Comments / 134 views

Who got the proposal in the latest episode of “”? [SPOILER ALERT!] If you bet on Aria, you’re right. Ezra popped the question toward the end of “Along Comes Mary” that aired on July 19, but the episode ended before she gave her answer and we won’t know the answer until the show returns with a new episode in two weeks.

Thankfully, a preview for the upcoming outing offers a hint at how Aria will respond to the proposal. “I can’t promise Ezra forever when my future can be spent behind bars,” she tells her friend as the Liars are not sure if Archer Dunhill is dead or still alive.

Hanna receives a call from someone who tells her, “Next time you bury someone, make sure they’re dead.” Spencer and Hanna are digging up the grave where they supposedly buried Archer to make sure he’s dead. Meanwhile, someone wearing a mask and police uniform attacks Alison.

“Wanted: Dead or Alive” airs Tuesday, August 2 at 8/7c on Freeform. The Rosewood P.D. begins to unravel the Liars’ cover-up, which leads them to question Rollins’ death altogether. Hanna deals with an inward battle on whether or not to tell the cops the truth, while Ezria struggles with an awkwardness in their relationship. Jenna reveals part of her plot and a new partner she is in cahoots with. Ali learns that the Liars gave her up as Charlotte’s killer in order to free Hanna, which does not go over well. Meanwhile, someone is murdered for playing with the wrong team.

In an interview with , showrunner Marlene King promises that fans will “get Aria’s answer [to Ezra’s proposal] for sure in the next episode.”

On what would hold Aria back from accepting the proposal, she dishes, “There are some reasons why she doesn’t feel like she’s been completely honest with him, like the death of Elliot Rollins and that they buried that body, so her hesitation is really about that. Like, ‘How can I say yes if I haven’t told him the truth about everything?’ So that’s sort of the thing she has to weigh out before she can answer him.”

King also explains how they decided on the engagement ring. “…we wanted it to be a ring that we really felt like Ezra Fitz would pick out for Aria Montgomery. [We wanted] something that felt unique to her — something that wasn’t necessarily a ring that just anybody would wear,” she says. “It felt special and like something that Aria would really appreciate… It’s just so beautiful.”


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