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Outlander Explores the Finest & Weirdest of 18th Century France & Drops a Major Bombshell

By / Published on Sunday, 17 Apr 2016 13:29 PM / No Comments / 223 views

Outlander Season 2

Outlander Season 2Starz

Well, there’s no going back now.

Tonight’s Outlander fully entrenched Jamie and Claire both in Parisian society and the impending Jacobite movement with a mixture of literal nightmares and scenes straight out of 18th century Sex and the City.  

Claire’s adventures in this episode ranged from seeking out herbs to help her husband stop suffering from Black Jack-related insomnia to discovering that the latest trend is to fully rid her body of all its hair. Jamie, meanwhile, was dismayed to find that his wife was missing her “lovely forest,” and then had to watch the king of France attempt to relieve his constipation.  

Then, Claire was accosted by the drunk master of finance, who Jamie then pushed into the water, before everyone was introduced to a lady wearing a dress that covered everything but her nipples, which were framed by tiny swans. 

Basically, everything about the highest and finest of French culture felt positively silly, until the bomb was dropped: Black Jack is still alive.

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Outlander Season 2Starz

Claire and Jamie had a chilly reunion with the Duke of Sandringham (Simon Callow), who introduced them to his employee, Alex Randall (Laurence Dobiesz). When Jamie happened to be out of earshot, Alex casually mentioned having spoken to his older brother, Jack, and Claire nearly passed out.

Apparently, Black Jack suffered a few injuries when he was trampled in the escape from the prison, but managed to recover thanks to his strong constitution or whatever. It was the worst news, somehow made even worse when punctuated by the fireworks that were being shot off outside. For Claire though, it was also slightly good news, because it meant Frank might still have a chance at existing.

Aside from dropping that major bit of knowledge, “Not in Scotland Anymore” also set off Jamie and Claire’s plan to stop the Jacobite movement, which involves a lot of pretending to be supporters of the Bonnie Prince Charlie (Andrew Gower) and his quest to reclaim the throne.

That strategy put Jamie right in Charlie’s corner, so it worked, despite his speech being momentarily interrupted by the dildo sale at the brothel they met at. Meanwhile, we never thought we’d get to write the phrase “dildo sale” in a recap, so it’s been a big, weird day for all of us.

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