Recently producer Brian Grazer revealed that plans were afoot for a remake of the 1984 comedy, Splash, a very literal fish-out-of-water story about a female mermaid (Daryl Hannah) who reunites with the man (Tom Hanks) she rescued when he was a boy. She's thrust into a world full of things she doesn't understand and people who may not always have the best intentions.

Grazer confirmed that the remake will include a major twist on the original concept, and that one big star is already attached. Original Splash helmer Ron Howard revealed to Fandango during a recent chat about his next movie, Inferno, that he's been right in the mix alongside Grazer hashing out the particulars of the remake.

"I’ve been in on all of those conversations as the partner at Imagine, so if it comes to pass I’ll be in the middle of it," Howard said.

But would he return to direct it?

“It’s far too early to contemplate that; it’s not even a development deal yet," Howard said. "Right now it’s an interesting, kind of surprising spin on it that both Brian and I thought was worth exploring, and that’s where it is right now.” 

Considering Howard and Grazer's relationship with Tom Hanks — and that both just worked with the actor on an adaption of Dan Brown's Inferno — we wonder whether Hanks is the major star who's already committed to the movie. If Hanks plays a role in the remake, that would be one kind of twist, especially if they brought him back to play, say, the villain of the film or something like that. Of course that's just speculation on our part — according to Howard, this movie still has a ways to go before it's even a reality.

Director Ron Howard and Tom Hanks will next team up on Inferno, which hits theaters October 28.