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Orange Is the New Black's Kate Mulgrew Teases "Edgy" Relationship for Red in Season 4

By / Published on Saturday, 28 May 2016 14:10 PM / No Comments / 133 views

Is love in the air on Orange Is the New Black? Last season saw Healy (Michael Harney) grow closer to Red (Kate Mulgrew) as she helped him with his wife. And while Red may have told them their ships passed too late, the relationships isn’t going anywhere in season four.

“I have some interesting things with Michael Harney,” Mulgrew told us at the PaleyLive’s Orange Is the New Black event. “I think that it is a deep friendship…it’s an edgy kind of thing and for me to put too fine a point on it would be a mistake.”

And Healy isn’t the only person Mulgrew’s character will have some big moments with. Look for Red and Piper (Taylor Schilling) to have scenes, obviously, because they share the same cell and now they share it with “others,” as you can see in the trailer below.


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“All of that is overburdened, over shared and overdone and Red’s had quite enough,” she said.

Harney teased viewers will be moved by some of the events that happen between Red and Healy in season four. Gulp. Click play on the video above for more.

In the official trailer for season four, there are dozens of new inmates in Litchfield now that the prison is for profit. With new inmates comes new drama and danger. Who’s Red having a showdown with?

Orange Is the New Black season 4 premieres Friday, June 17 on Netflix.

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