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Netflix Hack Alert: Secret Category Codes Will Change How You Discover New TV Shows and Movies

By GossipRevealed / Published on Saturday, 09 Jan 2016 05:29 AM / No Comments / 111 views


If you like watching TV and movies at home (so, basically, you’re a human), then you need to hear about this Netflix hack. It’s a numbers-based trick to help any overwhelmed searchers who feel like there’s some delightfully wonderful new comedy or drama sitting right around the corner, so close you can feel it.

When browsing by category on your computer, check out the URL that is displayed. At the very end, you’ll see a string of numbers that identifies what type of material you’re seeing—and, lo and behold, simply changing the digits can result in new gems.

Since the lazy girl in everyone is now internally grumbling about how that’s a lot of effort when all you want to do is Netflix and chill, stay calm: The Internet is here to help you. Several curated streaming guides have been collected, making it super easy to become that cool friend who’s always spouting off new must-watch things.

Some finds we’d suggest exploring this weekend (only if, of course, you’ve already worked your way through Making a Murderer).

– Showbiz dramas (5012)
– Independent comedies (4195)
– Political thrillers (10504)
– Romantic favorites (502675)
– Quirky romance (36103)

There are seriously about a hundred more fascinating ones, so if you haven’t found your cup of tea yet, don’t stop.

More serious Netflix news: The first trailer for Fuller House is here!

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