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Michael Weatherly's Goodbye Message to NCIS Fans Will Make You Cry–From Laughing So Hard

By / Published on Wednesday, 18 May 2016 14:00 PM / No Comments / 112 views

“We’re the NCIS people. You don’t mess with us.” 

Are you still crying after watching Michael Weatherly‘s final episode as Very Special Agent Toni DiNozzo on NCIS on Tuesday night? Well, prepare to keep on crying, because Weatherly recorded a (very) special message for fans that will make you cry and laugh. You’ll be craughing like a lunatic. 

“I have experienced great joy, great sadness, great dislocation, confusion, anger and sometimes hunger on the set of NCIS,” Weatherly says in the video above. “But the one thing I’ve never felt was bored or that there was nobody watching because you have made this show the number one show in the world. Big kiss.”


Michael Weatherly Wasn’t Sad Filming His Final NCIS Scene

NCIS, Michael Weatherly



See? Weatherly is making us cry and laugh at the same time. Darn him and his effortless charm! And he wasn’t done

“I want to say that wherever I go, whatever men’s room or restaurant or airport I find myself in, you’re there, too. You’re with me, sometimes it’s appropriate, sometimes it’s not appropriate at all,” he also says. “But I always love it because I am the number one fan of NCIS. I know you guys share that, but I just want you to know that I have priority because I got there first. So I don’t want to get competitive about it, and I appreciate that you’re also fans, but I’m the first fan.” 

To hear the rest of Weatherly’s hilarious and heartbreaking message, watch the video above. 

As for how DiNozzo said goodbye to viewers in the May 17 finale (Spoiler warning!), it was definitely bittersweet as it was revealed Ziva (Cote de Pablo) was killed…but secretly had DiNozzo’s baby. That’s right, Tony and Ziva had a child together, a little girl names Tali. So it was an unhappy happy ending. 

Also sort of unhappy happy news? Weatherly is leaving NCIS but staying on CBS as his new drama, Bull, was picked up by the network for the 2016-17 TV season.

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