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Masterchef Is Back to Save You From Your Summer Boredom (or Your Netflix Queue Stress)

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It’s summertime, people! You know what that means? It means you finally have time to catch up on all the shows you missed this TV season! Haha JK, that actually means that in addition to everything you’re behind on, you also have about a thousand new shows will be premiering over the next few weeks. Including, thankfully, this summer’s edition of Masterchef.

After the premiere, it’s clear that this year’s competition will remain very familiar, despite some famous faces leaving the show. Graham Elliot has followed in Joe Bastianich‘s footsteps and departed the series, leaving Gordon Ramsay and last year’s newbie Christina Tosi to judge as a duo (with celebrity guest judges joining throughout the season, including Wolfgang Puck, we’re told).

The first hour, like last year, featured the top 40 hopefuls facing off in an attempt to make the top 20. Each battle would see contestants with similar dishes or back stories (or both) going head-to-head, with only one of them earning a white apron and a spot on the show.


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There was a southern chick, a professional poker player, a firefighter, a teacher, a nurse—pretty much everyone you would expect the casting department to get a hold of.

The unfortunate reality of the early rounds of this show is that it’s kind of a waiting game. We’re impressed by the way the contestants cook (and kind of hungry, too), but it’s not like we can actively start rooting for anyone until we know who’s going to stick around. Plus, the cocky “I’m the best” talk gets a little old (especially after you’re hearing the sixth person say a variation of the same thing).

What did you think of the Masterchef premiere? Any early favorites, or are you just waiting for the real competition to begin?

Masterchef airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on Fox.

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