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Johnny Depp Spotted Partying and Drinking With Blonde Woman in Denmark Amid Split Scandal

By / Published on Friday, 03 Jun 2016 11:34 AM / No Comments / 181 views

continues to have some fun with friends amid ‘s claims that he was physically and verbally abusive towards her. The “” actor was spotted partying at a bar in Denmark after his band Hollywood Vampires’ concert on Wednesday, June 1.

“[Johnny] spent the night drinking with the bar staff and the local customers until 4 A.M.,” a source told . “He was in a good mood and they all had a big Danish party.”

The actor was also spotted drinking champagne and smoking cigarettes with makeup artist Tina Deleuran. During the fun night, the two snapped a selfie outside the bar.

“He had some wine but he wasn’t drinking heavily. Just very polite and pretty sober,” Tina said. “And it wasn’t his bottle of champagne – it was my friend’s bottle of champagne that we were sharing with him.”

Tina also set the record straight on rumors claiming that the actor engaged in a brawl with his own bodyguards. “He didn’t get into a fight. That’s so stupid! He was actually giving his bodyguard a hug,” Tina said.

“Then his bodyguards asked if he wanted to go back to his room and he said, ‘No, I want to go back to the bar.’ Then the four of us went back to the bar and just had a nice few hours talking and laughing,” she added.

A few guys in the location asked for selfies with the actor and some of them uploaded their photos on social media. “[Johnny] only had three to four vodka-and-tonics and basically wound down from the gig. It was a relatively quiet night and Johnny was happy and relaxed,” a separate source said.


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