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Inside the 2016 ESPY Awards: 5 Things You Didn't See on TV

By / Published on Thursday, 14 Jul 2016 14:59 PM / No Comments / 106 views

John Cena, ESPY Awards 2016


The cameras didn’t catch it all at the 2016 ESPY Awards. 

While we chuckled along with host John Cena during his kid-friendly press conference, felt empowered by journalist Craig Sager‘s tearful acceptance of the Jimmy V Award or were downright emotional as Carmelo AnthonyChris PaulDwyane Wade and LeBron James called for an end to the racial violence and injustice plaguing many Americans, there were some moments we simply could not see from our couches on Wednesday night. 

Fortunately, we’re taking you behind the scenes with an insider guide to all the candid bits that just didn’t make it to air, including Ushers missed chance with a dance cam and newlywed Ciara‘s dress-fluffing break. 


ESPY Awards 2016 Winners: The Complete List

Ciara, 2016 ESPY Awards

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

1. Preparation makes perfect! When Ciara and her new hubby Russell Wilson got up to the podium to present an award, after the lights went down and a video of the nominees ran, someone in production was up on stage and helped guide Ciara on what to do when giving the award and which direction to walk in. She also fluffed her dress to make sure it laid correctly. Even a pro like the “Goodies” songstress can always use a bit of instruction. 

2. Another singer also wasted no time rehearsing his presentation. When Justin Timberlake was tasked with honoring Kobe Bryant, Abby Wambach and Peyton Manning with the 2016 Icon Award, as a video was playing and the lights were off, the Grammy winner got down on his knees and pointed to the audience. At the time, it was not clear what he was doing, but then when the honorees came out, Timberlake got down on his knees again to bow down to them. Clearly, he had been practicing his grand gesture. 


Justin Timberlake, ESPY Awards 2016

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

3. After the Cleveland Cavaliers accepted their award for Best Team, they made a small mistake when they turned to the back of the stage to leave, but were stopped and told to turn around. Thought it was a bit awkward, they didn’t care and shook off their mistake by goofing around. One player even did a twirl before they all posed for a photo and then walked down the front of the stage.

4. During commercial breaks, there was a “dance cam” shown up on a big screen, which panned to a few people including smooth mover himself, Usher. However, he unfortunately didn’t notice the cameras were on him and sadly did not bust a move. However, basketball pro Lisa Leslie showed off some Vogue-ing and threw in a splash of disco when it was her turn. 

5. After Sager accepted his Jimmy V Award after battling leukemia for the last two years, he hugged Vice President Joe Biden, who lost his son Beau Biden last year to brain cancer. The sports reporter was also hugged by 10 people who climbed up on stage to share their support. 

—Additional reporting by Sara Kitnick and Alessandra Mortellaro 

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