Affleck Daredevil

Ben Affleck has another new directing gig, and it's not for a Batman movie. This one will actually take him back into the courtroom, which might remind him of another superhero he's played. It's a new version of Witness for the Prosecution, based on the Agatha Christie story and previously made into a movie by Billy Wilder in 1957. 

Deadline reports that Affleck will also star in the drama and produce alongside Matt Damon and their partner Jennifer Todd. Presumably he will play the lawyer role filled by Charles Laughton in the first adaptation, because it might be too much Gone Girl repeat for him to play the Tyrone Power part of the defendant, who is accused of murdering a woman.   

Below is a trailer for that old version, which also stars Marlene Dietrich as the defendant's wife and the great character actress Elsa Lanchester. You can bet that Affleck's adaptation, being scripted by Party of Five creator Christopher Keyser, will also contain "a series of climaxes" that he'll defy us to guess and that we won't want to spoil for our friends. 

The last movie Affleck directed, Argo, won Best Picture. His next, Live by Night, hits theaters in January. And he is set to helm the next solo Batman movie, which he'll star in as the Caped Crusader. Whether that comes first or Witness for the Prosecution is not clear at this time.