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Beauty and the Beast Is Back for Its Final Season and Vincent Is in Trouble

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Beauty and the Beast

The CW

You knew the honeymoon couldn’t last, right? In Beauty and the Beast‘s fourth (and final, ack!) season premiere, Cat (Kristin Kreuk) and Vincent’s (Jay Ryan) European honeymoon was very literally cut short. Don’t fret—they’re still as deeply in love as ever, it’s just that they couldn’t even last the whole trip without beast problems coming up.

Here’s the deal: a bounty hunter is on a quest to find Vincent, because there’s a $5 million prize out there for whoever captures the beast—only he doesn’t know that Vincent is the beast, so he’s just crazy dangerous and sniffing around New York City.


Sorry, VinCat Fans! Beauty and the Beast Will End After Season 4

Beauty and the Beast

The CW

Add to that the fact that beasts have been exposed in the blogosphere, which means there is a very real danger that some conspiracy theory bloggers could expose Vincent, who didn’t really stay off of anyone’s radar when he beasted out and rescued a couple from a car wreck in the French countryside (which bystanders conveniently caught on smartphone). Plus, the aforementioned bounty hunter murdered one of the aforementioned bloggers.

JT (Austin Basis) and Heather (Nicole Gale Anderson) discovered the dead body, and in their haste to GTFO before they, too, were murdered, Heather fell off of a fire escape from two stories up. Hence JT’s call to Cat and Vincent to bring them home to NYC.

Beauty and the Beast

The CW

Luckily, everyone was safe (and still madly in love) by the end of the episode—but there are plenty of people on Vincent’s trail. While Cat wants to play it safe, Vincent doesn’t want his new wife to worry too much. “There’s always going to be something,” Vincent astutely observes.

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