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11 Netflix Titles to Binge On While You Wait for Season Two of Stranger Things

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Stranger Things


Let’s face it. Right now, most of us are mourning the fact that we binge-watched season one of Stranger Things so fast, it was over before we even knew what to do with our lives. Now, many of us are left sitting in a pile of pillows and Cheetos crumbs, wondering where to turn next. If you’re trying to find something to watch that even remotely compares to the glory of one of our new favorite Netflix shows, you’re in luck. Get yourself out of your post-binge depression and check out the titles on our list below.


Why We’re Obsessed With Netflix’s Stranger Things

Stranger Things


Sure you could just look at the suggested titles on Netflix, but why do that when you’re already here reading this? Plus, they’re not even that accurate. No joke, one of the “because you watched Stranger Things,” recommendations is The Office. Obvi we love that show, but remind us how that relates to Stranger Things at all? Exactly. Because we care about your sanity, we’ve rounded up a list of Netflix titles we think will hold you over until Season two. Happy chilling. 

1. Twin Peaks. Consider this series the mellow (but still creepy) cousin of Stranger Things. It’s got the same vintage vibe, but just a little slower in pace and action.  

2. E.T. A young boy finds an alien, tells his sis (a very young and adorable Drew Barrymore) and bro about it but keeps it a secret from everyone else. Sound kind of familiar? 

3. Sandlot. Another nostalgic movie from our childhood about a group of kids who go on a bunch of adventures. 

4. The X-Files. The ultimate show for anyone who can’t get enough of the alien/sci-fi vibe of Stranger Things. If you want to watch two FBI agents deal with cases regarding the supernatural (kind of like Jim Hopper), binge on these all weekend. 

5. My GirlRemember that scene when Eleven and Mike share that awkwardly adorable first kiss? That totally brought us back to this ’90s movie, where a young Macaulay Culkinshares a smooch with his girl buddy Vada. We’re not even going to tell you what else happens in this movie because it is SO SAD we can’t even open that can of worms again. It’s kind of like when Eleven peaced out on Mike and the gang at the end x 10. 

6. Explorers. The ’80s + Sci-Fi + group of kids. We’re noticing a theme here. Also, the film stars young Ethan Hawke and River Phoenix. A must. 

7. Goosebumps. We’re talking about the ’90s show, not the movie from last year. I mean, do we even need to explain why you’ll enjoy this? Chances are, you read all the books as a kid and already know what’s up. These horror stories are campy and kind of hard to take seriously, but it is a hearty dose of nostalgia which can never be a bad thing. 

8. Freaks and Geeks. ’90s kids, this one’s for you. This group of geeky and awkward high-school students totally remind us of a slightly grown up version of Eleven and the gang. If you’re into films that center around the adventures of a bunch of goofy friends, you’ll be into this show for real. While the show only ran for one season (sob!) it does feature a hilarious young James Franco and Seth Rogan

9. The Guest. This is a newer movie you’ll find on Netflix which totally has that eerie, small-town vibe of Stranger Things. David, the main character (who looks like a mix of Bradley Cooper and Calvin Harris, BTW), shows up at the family home of his friend (a fallen soldier), and a bunch of crazy shiz goes down after his arrival. 

10. The Twilight Zone. This is taking it way back, but if you appreciate corny, old-school creepiness (like the stuff your parents or grandparents grew up with), you’ll appreciate The Twilight Zone. It’s a series of sci-fi episodes that deal with things like the supernatural, etc. Think of it like a less uptight version of Unsolved Mysteries

11. Heathers. Last but not least. Totally offbeat and totally ’80s. If you’re into the hilarious, fascinating and dramatic high school drama of Stranger Things, you might find yourself getting sucked into Heathers as well. Did we mention it features a young Winona Ryder? More reason to check it out! 

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