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What Celebrities are upto?

'Last Man on Earth' Premiere Features Surprise Cameo, Stages Mini 'Mad Men' Reunion

“” just gave Betty Draper a moment of retaliation. In case you’re...


Kristen Stewart Goes Platinum Blonde

has dyed her hair platinum blonde. The “” actress debuted her...



Relive Last Man on Earth's Mad Men Reunion With a Delightful Jon Hamm Photo From Behind the Scenes

Last Man on Earth has gifted us with the brilliance of a well-timed completely...


Twist! Will the Big Reveals in This Is Us and Pitch Really Work?

Fall’s newest TV trend? Pilot twists. And time travel, but that’s another...


The Funny Story Behind Vincent D'Onofrio's Crazy High-Pitched Voice in 'The Magnificent Seven'


Viewers of Antoine Fuqua's The Magnificent Seven remake (or reimagining) will no doubt find action, suspense and a whole lot of bullets flying across...


'Spider-Man' Actor Tom Holland Has a Secret Part in a New Movie This Year

Since his debut as Peter Parker and Spider-Man earlier...


First Look: Duncan Jones' 'Blade Runner'-esque 'Mute' Is a Companion to 'Moon'

As director Duncan Jones gets ready to begin production...


With a brand new season peaking, it totally makes sense that you want to add a few new pairs of shoes to the rotation. And because we fully support that venture, let’s clear up some space for those new guys, ‘k? Whether it’s a trend...

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